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XPC Winners

  • (Left) Sam Kantar 2nd (Right) Jimmy Sandaler 1st - Ring of Fire 36

  • Rob Melrose(1st) and Mike Delawder(2nd) - Fate of the Eight 8

  • Tony Crosby - Fate of the Eight 7

  • Jimmy Sandaler - Fate of the Eight 6

  • Rob Melrose - Fate of the Eight 5

  • Anthony Meglino - Fate of the Eight 4

  • Tony Crosby - Fate of the Eight 3

  • Mike Delawder - Fate of the Eight 2

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About Us

XPC Arena

The XPC arena is located in Cocoa Beach, Florida
The goal of Xtreme Pool Challenge is to promote the players, and sport of pool!
Live Streaming, and Showcasing top Florida Amateurs, and Pros alike.

At the XPC arena matches are played on 5′ x 10′ Brunswick Centennial tables built in 1945 and restored by our good friend Mark Gregory of Perfect Pockets in Atlanta, GA, and live streamed in true HD quality with 6 cameras catching all the action!

XPC Mobile streaming takes the XPC viewing experience on the road and to events out side the arena! Providing some of the highest quality pool tournament viewing available!

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Phone: (321) 508-4048

Email: Rillix@XtremePoolChallenge.com

XPC Mobile

XPC also offers best in country mobile streaming!

Have An Event You Want Streamed?

We Offer:

Why limit your event to only one table?

XPC will stream up to 5 tables simultaneously during your event.
Allowing more matches. and players to be seen!

XPC will create on screen graphics to match your event. Displaying event, sponsor, and location information.

Static shots are boring! There are alot of angles to a pool table, and we try to show as many as possible. Ever wonder if a ball was frozen?

All streamed tables will have live player, and scoring information displayed. No more wondering who is playing, and whats the score. Along with XPC commentary to go along with the matches.

See what others are saying!

The clarity and presentation of your streams should be the standard everyone should aim for. Thanks for making them available.
goldeagle2134, From AZB
The streams put on by these guys are top notch. I always try to catch their streams if I can!
Dead Money, From AZB
Great stream. Hi-def with excellent camera work.
bdorman, From AZB
I just have to say Xtreme pool challenge (XPC) did
A great job this weekend streaming U S amateur qualifier
at Amy’s billiards ,they are streaming up to four tables at once
, absolutely top notch.
Gary G., From AZB
I watched the stream, high quality experience. All info was displayed on screen, including brackets, shot timer, current score and players. Well done.
pocket, From AZB
I watched some of this over the last couple of weekends:
GREAT VIDEO an some good players too, everyone should check in
Matt Tatum, From AZB
Great stream. It’s high quality and nice to see local Florida players
cardit, From AZB
I thought you guys did a great job in putting this together.
And what a pleasure to have commentators who actually talk about the players and the ongoing game…as opposed to talking about everything BUT the match in front of them or else leaving the mike silent for game after game…
Wish you much success with future events!
Donny Lutz, From AZB
Quality of this stream is the best in the country.
Prey, From AZB
Awesome people & awesome place to play pool. Don’t forget they provide the best ever video streaming of matches at events as well!
Teddy Harris, From Facebook
This place is absolutely 100% the best venue for billiards I have been to in a very long time. Not to mention the proprietor is an outstanding gentleman himself, as well as the commentator(Rick Hefelfinger). Kyle does an outstanding job behind the scenes operating the H.D cameras.
Gary King, From Facebook